How Babywearing Older Children Makes Life Easier & Sweeter

By Bunmi on February 22nd 2012

People usually explore babywearing (using a baby wrap or baby carrier) for the first time when their babies are itty bitty newborns. Being able to keep your new baby close and bond during those first few months of life is priceless. I’m not sure what I would have done without babywearing in the early days.

Once my sleepy infant transformed into a wild and energetic toddler some would have thought that the days of babywearing would have been over but nothing was further from the truth… it became more important than ever! It’s a common myth that once a child starts walking, they no longer want to be carried. While it’s exciting for older babies and toddlers to run and jump, all of that play coupled with days full of exciting stimuli often leads to a need to recharge, rest, and of course, have important snuggle time with the adults in their lives.

It’s not just my tot who loves being carried. As a busy mom, I often find myself making dinner and running errands with my two-year old strapped to my back. When her big sister was younger, she spent as much time “up” with mama as down playing and exploring. The 3PM to 7PM period of day that so may parents find daunting can be made exponentially easier with some heart-to-heart “winding down” time.

Another time babywearing an older child or toddler is important is during sickness. When kids are in pain, uncomfortable, or recovering from illness, nothing soothes like being worn.

The moral of today’s lesson? Don’t give up babywearing just because your little one is taking his or her first steps! They may be called “baby carries” but they’re not just for infants!