Five Mom Bloggers You Might Not Know About

By Bunmi on September 22nd 2011
Most of us are familiar with the queens of the mom blog universe:, PioneerWoman…but what about the bloggers who aren’t regulars on Good Morning America and on the darling lists of PR agencies in New York City? I’m a big fan of the hot mom bloggers but there are a few rising stars in the blogosphere who touch my heart and funny bone with each amazing post they write. Somehow these women manage to inspire and entertain in the midst of the whirlind that is motherhood and I’m in awe. Below are a list of female writers who I think are on the brink of insane greatness!

5. MODG (Martinis or Diaper-Genies): This mom of one has a book in the works and I’m going to be one of the first in line to get it because her writing is hilarious. Her irreverent approach to being a hippy mom in designer clothes coupled with the vulnerability and honesty that she brings to her posts is incredibly refreshing.

Fav post: 10 Things About Boob Feeding That Only I’m Going To Tell You

4. Holly’s House- Not a Perfect Mom’s Blog: Holly is doing what thousands of parents around the world are doing; raising a child with Down Syndrome. What makes this mom of four special in my eyes is that she’s single handedly broken down walls between parents with “normal” children and those raising little ones with special needs. She writes so eloquently about her fears, struggles, and joys that it becomes clear to her readers that our struggles as parents have massive overlaps. We’re all in the same boat together, our children are all being raised in the same world, and therefore we have far much more in common than we do to divide us. Holly is no sanctimommy but she is a saint .

Fav Post: That’s So Retarded (About how that phrase is offensive)

3. Creative Jewish Mom: I stumbled across this blog a couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with this moms crafting approach. She’s not trying to make items that are necessarily useful or educational. She and her children create pretty, whimsical items just because. Crafting without urgency. There’s something intrinsically wonderful about that. The author obviously has massive creative talent and rather than be intimidated or ashamed of the stick figures I draw with my children, I feel inspired to draw upon my own talents to enhance my children’s lives. This blog motivates me to be me.

Fav Post: Recycled Styrofoam Tray Craft With Paper Mache

2. Full Bellies Make Happy Kids: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cooking blogs written by moms. The reason I want to marry and have babies with this one is because the author serves herself up as well as delicious Portuguese dishes. The recipes and posts are a constant reminder of this mom of two’s heritage. Amongst crowd favorites like meatloaf you’ll find Malasadas (Portuguese for “fried dough covered in sugar” aka. heaven) and Sopa de Feijao e Nabica (Bean and Cabbage Soup). Yum to the fourth power!

Fav Post: Dulce De Leche Apple Pie

1. Kisses From Katie: Sometimes I complain about how hard life is. As I type, I have at least four more hours of work to do and three more hours to do it, dishes to wash that have been sitting in the sink for more than 24 hours, two loads of clean laundry to burn (I mean fold), and still haven’t shopped for tonight’s dinner. There’s one blog that in an instant turns all of my complaints into silent prayers of thanks. Katie is a young American woman in her early twenties and the single mother to 13 Ugandan children. Day in and day out she cares for children who without her would be absolutely lost. I’m continually inspired by Katie’s dedication to her faith, her children, and the world. Suddenly the dishes don’t look like such a big deal.

Favorite Post: My Heart Spilled