Five Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas Children Love To Help With

By Bunmi on December 14th 2011
Two weeks ago I posted about a book by Shannon Hayes called “Radical Homemakers”. In her book, Shannon advocates for simpler lifestyles with transitioning families to units of production rather just consumption being key.

The idea is simple: before you buy something, ask yourself if you REALLY need it. With the holidays coming up, the practice of unconscious buying will be at an all-time high. One thing you can do to make holiday gifting more intentional and special is to make gifts!

There’s something undeniably charming about a well-made homemade present. Below are five do-it-yourself gift ideas that will surely warm the hearts of lucky recipients.

1. Organic Refrigerator Jam: If you’re new to jarring food, try making refrigerator jam first. No complicated sterilizing or boiling jars!

2. Homemade Soaps: Handmade soaps are easy and fun to make. If your littles are out of the “taste everything” stage, they can even join in! Experiment with different essential oils. Every time your gift recipient lathers up, they’ll think of you.

3. Photo Books: There are few things relatives, especially ones who live far away from your family, love more than walking down memory lane with your family over photos. They’re easy to create with your Mac or with services like If you’re handy with the Exacto-knife, create a scrapbook at home!

4. Art: Create ornaments or handprint plates with this DIY ceramic dough.

Use leaves or flowers for intricate designs or have the kids go nuts. Grandma and grandpa will proudly display their creations!

5. Food Gifts in a Jar: These are one of my favorite homemade gifts. Imagine all of the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies or homemade hot cocoa (marshmallows included) attractively layered in a jar! Your little ones will love helping fill up glass jars assembly line style.

One of the best parts about making gifts rather than buying them is that you can do it as a family. Children don’t enjoy being dragged from store to store but they will love crowding around the kitchen table for crafting and baking.

This holiday, embrace the spirit and you’ll find that giving gifts can be just as fun, if not more, than receiving them.