Five Fun Things You Don't Need, But Might Want For Your Homebirth

By Bunmi on April 10th 2012
I’ve already blogged about Five things You Need For Your Unassisted Birth and while there aren’t many tangible items you actually need to give birth to a baby, there are a few things you might want to have.

None of these are particularly costly. They can make having your baby at home that much more comfortable. I mean, it’s a celebration, right?

1. Fancy Tea & a special mug to drink it out of post-labor: The reason for having these items is two-fold. There’s so much emphasis and pressure placed on the actual birth event. Having something to remind you that baby will arrive and life will continue on will help put your mind at ease and calm any jitters. Tea is the universal drink of relaxation. Pick an herbal tea without any caffeine or make your own sachets. Use red raspberry tea leaves in a diffuser. Have fun picking out a brand new teacup or decorating one at the many ceramic decorating boutiques that seem to be popping up (ie. “Color Me Mine.”). Be mindful of what types of glazes and paints are used!

2. A special birthing “dress.” When you’re birthing in the freedom of your own home, there’s no need for a backdoor peep show hospital gown. By the end of labor you’ll probably want to be completely naked (even if you’re a naturally shy person you may lose your inhibitions once baby starts crowning), but in the early stages, it can be nice to have a loose-fitting cotton or hemp dress that hits about the knee area to keep you warm. I personally love dresses and how they make me feel. I don’t mean a fancy dress, I’m talking about a gauzy, flowing, simple piece of fabric that makes me feel like the beautiful birth goddess I am.

Consider purchasing a tie-dye kit on Etsy and creating your own inspired colors and patterns. Ceremonial clothing is something our culture doesn’t really understand. When the time comes to don your special robe, it will help signify the creation of sacred space.

3. Music. You may or may not want to hear some of your favorite tunes while birthing your babe. I, for one, didn’t want to have any music playing, but I didn’t plan to either. Do you have a song that inspires strength, faith or trust? Have it ready.

Whale sounds, rain, rainforest sounds, and of course, drum beats can also be a welcome addition to your birthing experience.

4. During my pregnancy I purchased a “Born @ Home” t-shirt for my infant. It was three months before I put her in it but I felt like I’d earned a little homebirth swag. :)

Cute one here:,13112948

5. A photographer. I’ve never had a birth photographer (ie. friend who is gifted with a camera) at my births but I love gazing at beautiful homebirth photos online. If you’d feel comfortable with someone taking photos at your birth, go for it. Find someone with experience who you have enough time to bond with. The photographer should know how to blend in and become invisible. Specify what you feel comfortable with being “shot” beforehand to avoid the quiet rage that can distract birthing women when someone inadvertently crosses a boundary.

Like I said before, these things aren’t “must haves” but they can add to your birthing experience. I hope you have a wonderful experience!