Cooking & Babywearing: Safety First

By Bunmi on March 28th 2012
One of the main benefits of babywearing is that it allows caregivers to go about their daily routines while simultaneously caring for their children. A huge part of my life is cooking. Morning, afternoon, night and often late into the evening, you can find me stirring pots, soaking beans, and baking.

Cooking is how I nurture my family and honestly, I find it rather relaxing! Cooking and babywearing can absolutely be done safely but there are a few things you need to know. Below are a few tips. Happy babywearing!

1. If wearing baby in a wrap, be sure to tuck in all loose ends. Make sure the wrap is tight and snugly. This will help you avoid issues like dangling cloth in sauces or close to a flame.

2. Avoid cooking with open, wild flames (ie. BBQ) while wearing your child in the front. A sudden high flame or even just fumes can harm your child.

3. When cooking in your kitchen in front of the stove, if you are wearing baby, stand deliberately farther from the stove than you normally would. I stood at an angle with baby at least 6 inches away from the heat source.

4. When front-wearing older children with curious hands, be sure to keep them away from the heat. Keep them busy by giving them age appropriate foods to munch on (carrot strip that you are chopping, etc.) or a spoon to hold.

5. When my children became old enough to get curious about what I was cooking, I moved them to the side or back. My oldest loved watching me cook while being worn on my back and holding a giant wooden spoon.

6. When chopping, be mindful of where your baby’s arms are. Stand farther away from the cutting board than you normally would.

7. Talk to your child while cooking! Sing, explain what you’re doing, narrate the recipe… help your little one feel involved in the process. Have fun!

Memories are made in the kitchen. You can create cooking babywearing memories and stay safe by following the guidelines listed above. Have fun!