Boba Interviews a Breastfeeding Motocross Mom

By Bunmi on February 1st 2012
A few weeks ago I stumbled on a beautiful photo of a woman breastfeeding her toddler while all decked out in her motocross gear. I reached out to her to ask if we could post the photo on the Boba Facebook page and interview her. She agreed! Caroline has two boys, ages 25 months and give years. She resides in Quebec, Canada.

Boba chats with Caroline Gauthier, mother, wife & motocross enthusiast.

Q: How did you get into motocross?

A: When I met my husband, he just got his motocross bike. I told him that would be great that one day we get bikes and motocross, I knew I would love it, it is in my blood!

Q: Have you always been physically active/enjoyed sports?

A: We are not couch potatoes, but we aren’t very sportive neither. We garden, work around the house and motocross. My husband cycles to work during the summer, and we run in winter to try to stay fit for motocross. You must be fit to motocross, it is extremely demanding.

Q: How has the motocross community responded to your nursing in public?

A: At the track, the guys just care about riding. I breastfeed both kids comfortably, often while I’m talking with some guys or sitting in the middle of the peewee track watching my older riding.

Q: What do you wish moms knew about nursing in public?

A: Nursing in public is your right! It is in the Chart! If somebody tells you to go, sue them, it will give you $2000 (2 condemnations available on La Ligue Leche website,*

Q: Were you ever afraid of nursing in public?

A: I have never been afraid to nurse in public, but I must admit that when my five-year-old asks me to, I will smile because I am shy, but will do it for him!

Q: How long have you been breastfeeding?

A: I have been breastfeeding for the last five and half years, never weaned anybody yet. [;)]

*Canadian law

Thanks for the wonderful interview, Caroline! Enjoy the Boba 3G Kangaroo Carrier!