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In the summer of 2008 I had the privilege of becoming the very first employee for Boba. We had a small office in North Boulder and I spent my days as office manager learning about the business and of Sleepy Wrap (as the Boba Wrap was called then). Not having a family of my own at the time, many of the concepts that I was hearing of day in and day out were completely unknown to me – babywearing, attachment parenting, natural birthing… I quickly took it upon myself to not only learn about these amazing philosophies but eventually adopted them into my own life.

Since that summer, many things have changed for me. At Boba I have gone from Office Manager to Director (with a few stops in between), and now enjoy just about every aspect of this company, working side by side Robert and Elizabeth as they continue to do amazing things with both the products and the company. I focus primarily on managing our wholesale network and establishing new distribution opportunities world-wide although my involvement does tend to stretch much further. I’ve enjoyed being able to assist with product development, social media outreach and now being a contributor for this amazing blog. I look back at my beginning here at Boba with a smile, and feel nothing but excitement at the mere thought of what is to come.

From a personal perspective, the opportunities to learn about babywearing, attachment parenting and natural birthing have directly impacted my life as well. Since the day I first walked in the door my outlook on life has changed substantially. My husband and I welcomed our first child into this world in 2010 and now I can say with a smile on my face that we practice all of these amazing things in our own life. Babywearing has brought my son and I closer together and has enabled us to experience so many things together. Had I not found myself at Boba I doubt my life would have gone in this direction and I am thankful for the amazing opportunities I have had because of my time here.

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