About: Heather

I joined the Boba team to support blogging and international online advocacy for babywearing but my history with Boba is a longer, more personal one.

I met Robert and Elizabeth Antunovic, and their beautiful children, when I moved in next door to them on a small street in North Boulder a couple of years ago. I was working as the media and communications director for an international sustainability company. Naturally, we found ourselves talking about online engagement, media and public relations, and lots of sustainability issues, usually while hanging out in the grass with the kids, or sharing watermelon on the steps between our homes.

Though not a mother myself, babywearing, natural parenting and family travel are all things I’ve been inspired by and have learned a lot about through my friendship with the Antunovic family. I’m happy to now be helping to spread the word about the benefits and mission of Boba Family and babywearing as a member of their team.

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, I spend time in both Boulder (where I’ve lived since 1999) and Santiago, Chile where I live with my partner, Pablo, support socially beneficial business projects through communications work, and express myself creatively through singing, writing, painting and ceramics.

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