About: Elizabeth

I am a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. Together, my husband and I have built Boba from the ground up with blood, sweat and tears, and lots of laughter. We have grown. I simply revel at our remarkable and dedicated team who makes it happen. Although still involved in strategic decisions, I have taken a step back to be able to devote my time to living and learning everyday with with my children.

I am constantly intrigued by their inherent desire to figure out the world, how it works, and their place in it. I marvel at their new discoveries which inspire me every single day to discover something new. A spiral of inspiration. Russian Literature, historical fiction, the loom of Romance and Slavic languages and the origins of words themselves, fascinate me. I love clay. I cook everything from scratch. I can crochet a hat in an hour. And my wanderlust sometimes consumes me. Yet my real passion lies in discovering the science that backs up intuitive parenting or mothering, what I already know deep in my heart.

So I read, and I research, and I design, and create and now I’ll write a little. And let me tell you that my heart is there. I am so honored that families are changed by babywearing. I am so touched that families are receiving the message that “freedom together” is possible. It truly is!

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