7 Weird Early Signs of Pregnancy

By Bunmi on May 5th 2014

bellyEveryone knows how hard it is to endure the dreaded two week wait: the time between conception and taking a home pregnancy test. Before you see two little lines or get a confirmation from your doctor or midwife, those 14 days can feel like an eternity! Here are 7 lesser-known early pregnancy symptoms that may help clue you in.

1. Mood Swings: Did you rage at the mail carrier? Cry over cheese? If you're feeling "hormonal" maybe your body is adjusting to new hormones.

2. Super Smell: Many women say that one of their very first pregnancy symptoms was a ridiculously enhanced sense of smell. If your nose is picking up maple syrup from the waffle house down the street, it might be time to take a test!

3. Increased Basal Body Temperature: If you're charting, you'll most likely noticed an increased basal body temperature in relation to having a bun in the oven (no pun intended).

4. Feeling Winded: Are you out of breath or a bit faint? We've all heard of the cousin's friend's stepdaughter who fainted only to wind up in a hospital being told that she's pregnant.

5. Metal Mouth: A metallic taste in one's mouth can be a sign of pregnancy. The official name for this condition is Dysgeusia and it's considered harmless. Most medical professionals attribute the sensation to hormone changes and/or water retention.

6. Fatigue: Do you suddenly feel a lack of motivation to do...anything? If you pretty much want to sleep 24/7, this might be your month.

7. A Sense of *Knowing*: Some women say they've had dreams that they were pregnant. Others have just *known* far before taking a test.

What was your earliest pregnancy symptom?

(please always check with your doctor or medical professional for pregnancy-related advice)