Adventures in Babywearing: Visiting National Parks with Baby

by Nicholeon June 21,2013 in Adventures In BabywearingBaby_WearingHolidaysTravel

It is summer time for many of us babywearing families and that means a chance to enjoy the National Parks together as a family. Getting into these protected places is a special treat for most of us and it makes memories that last a lifetime. My husband and I love to get into the parks […]

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10 Raisons de ne pas porter bébé “Face au Monde”

by Heatheron June 19,2013 in Boba FrançaisLe portage de bébéPorte-bébé

  Quand vous commencez à penser que votre bébé a envie de changer de perspectives et que vous considérez l’éventualité de le porter “Face au monde”, voici quelques raisons pour vous encourager à NE PAS le porter face au monde. Porter votre bébé orienté vers l’extérieur… 1. Ne soutient pas les jambes de votre bébé […]

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Our Little Breastfeeding “Miracle”

by Heatheron June 18,2013 in BreastfeedingFamily JourneyNatural Parenting StyleParenthood

A few months ago, in the thick of it, I wrote about the challenges my little and I were having breastfeeding. Long story short to recap the post, my baby had an ineffective suck and my supply tanked after a couple weeks, (almost) never to return, and we supplemented with formula to the point where […]

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Nueve razones para no llevar a tu bebé de cara hacia afuera

by Heatheron June 14,2013 in Boba EspañolFular ElásticoLlevar al BebéMochila ErgonómicaPortabebésPorteo

Algunas razones para no llevar a su bebé cara hacia fuera. Para tenerlo en cuenta: Llevar a su bebé mirando hacia fuera … 1- no da soporte a las piernas del bebé Las rodillas del bebé deben subir a la altura de la cadera o más arriba. Esto sólo es posible si la tela en […]

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Simple and Natural Answers to Common Breastfeeding Questions

by Jillon May 22,2013 in Family JourneyNatural Parenting StyleUncategorized

    “Rules and regulations have no place in the mother-baby relationship. Each mother and baby dyad is different and what works well for one mother and baby may not work well for another mother and baby. The important thing to do is to look at the mother and baby as individuals.”– Andrea Eastman, MA, […]

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Why I Started Honest Toddler

by Bunmion May 07,2013 in Family Journey

One year ago this week I was staring into the determined eyes of my toddler. I remember the moment clearly: she was standing in my bedroom between the closet and door while I was sitting on my bed. I can’t remember what the stand-off was about but it resembled the tense moment in one of […]

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Your Smart Phone and Your Heart

by Nicholeon May 01,2013 in Uncategorized

With so much in the news and on social media these days about phones and parenting, technology and the science of kindness, and the impact of a mother’s love on the size and structures of her child’s brain, it is good to have a peek at some of the researching behind the buzz of neuroplasticity. […]

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What’s the Deal with “Dear Mom on the iPhone”?

by Nicholeon April 28,2013 in Just For FunMommy BloggersMommy CareParenthood

With so many responses to “Dear Mom on the iPhone” zipping around the web these last few months, I figured that I should go see what all the huff (counter-huff and supportive-huff) was all about. Last November, a blogger named Tonya Ferguson, who writes her family blog 4littlefergusons, wrote a post that she title, “Dear […]

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Trending Video • Twin Girls and Their Daddy’s Guitar

by Nicholeon April 25,2013 in Just For Fun

[youtube][/youtube]     Originally shot in August 2012, this video has now garnered over 15 million views on YouTube and has been featured on programs for both ABC and NBC. Take a peek and you will see why. These adorable girls rock and sway side-by-side to their daddy’s guitar playing while snacking on peas. And […]

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Surge in Antibullying Books Reflects a Broader Cultural Alarm

by Nicholeon April 21,2013 in LearningParenthoodResearch

The title drew me in. “Publishers revel in youthful cruelty” is pretty catchy after all. I was curious why any one person or group would revel in anyone’s cruelty because likely there is a very real someone on the receiving end of it. The title, while catchy, doesn’t quite fit the bill. The article is […]

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