by Bunmion February 17,2012 in BirthFamily JourneyMoms Who InspireNatural Parenting StyleParenthood

One of my favorite YouTube homebirth videos features a laboring woman singing. You can see on her face when she’s having contractions and it’s beautifully clear that her song is helping her work through the tension. I find this video wonderfully calming. It’s an affirmation in itself. The birth process can be full of faith, trust in oneself and one’s body, and calm. [youtube]z3WA9iHz5ww[/youtube] The information age has made searching out resources for birth planning easier than ever. If you’re planning a homebirth, assisted or unassisted, take the time to watch videos and read blogs about births that inspire you. Happy pushing!

I'm 5 months pregnant with my first child. And, quite frankly, terrified by the whole birth prospect. I'm glad singing helped this woman, personally I imagine I'll be going for the swearing route, it has been proven to lessen pain as long as you don't swear a lot normally.

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