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Three Natural, Easy Mosquito Repellents

by Nicholeon July 03,2014 in Health and WellnessJust For FunParenthood

For many of us, it’s summer time again- the time of year for running through the sprinkler and chasing down the ice cream truck as it sings and lumbers down the street. Unfortunately, it also means the reappearance of the universally despised mosquito. Even the Dalai Lama is rumored to smack a biting mozzie. They […]

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The Trifecta of Easier Mothering: 3 Basics Every New Mom Should Know

by Heatheron June 17,2014 in Baby_WearingChild DevelopmentCo-SleepingFamily JourneyHealth and WellnessMommy CareNatural Parenting StyleParenthood

I’m sometimes blown away by the sheer volume of products and practices marketed to new and expectant mothers. I’m sort of the eye-rolling type, so I get a little cross when I see lists to the effect of “THE Top 100 Lifesaving Inventions Every New Mom Needs to Not Go Crazy and Take Us All […]

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10 Good Reasons to Breastfeed Past One Year (And How to Know When You and Your Child are Done)

by Jillon June 11,2014 in BreastfeedingFamily JourneyNatural Parenting Style


    1. “Nursing makes the job of mothering easier, not harder.” Norma Jean Bumgarner This has got to be one of my favorite reasons. Of course it’s so good for the child but also what mom doesn’t need  her life to be easier?! The good old reasons like “it’s always perfect and ready” still […]

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Three Keys to Staying Present with Your Child

by Heatheron May 22,2014 in Family JourneyHealth and WellnessMommy Success StoriesNatural Parenting StyleParenthood


We all want to be more available, less distracted, more tuned in to our children. We know it helps them and it helps us. Being present is really at the heart of choosing parenting methods that are considered more “conscious”, more “AP”, but many of us notice that we can’t just apply attachment parenting methods […]

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You Know You’re A Mom When…

by Jillon May 08,2014 in Family JourneyJust For FunParenthood

Playing together

  Just in time for Mother’s Day! You Know You’re A Mom When…. 1. You don’t think it’s weird at all to eat your kids’ food scraps. 2. You’ve lost the social cue that reminds you not to talk about bodily fluids with people who can’t handle it (anyone without kids). 3. You kinda sorta […]

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Experiencing Mother’s Day as a Motherless Mother

by adminon May 07,2014 in Family JourneyHolidaysParenthood


By Deirdre Shevlin Bell Mother’s Day isn’t all tulips and chocolates for mothers who have lost their own mothers. All holidays can bring up a swell of emotions, memories, and longings when you’ve lost someone, but Mother’s Day has a way of highlighting both sides of the chasm many motherless mothers feel themselves straddling—the in-the-thick-of-it […]

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Your Perfect Mother’s Day

by Bunmion May 06,2014 in Holidays


Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11th. Most of us can expect a sweet breakfast in bed, homemade card or three, flowers, and lots of hugs and kisses. Motherhood is a challenge every day and while we don’t need these things, it’s nice to be appreciated in a tangible way. Mother’s Day also teaches children […]

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7 Weird Early Signs of Pregnancy

by Bunmion May 05,2014 in Family JourneyJust For FunNatural Parenting Style


Everyone knows how hard it is to endure the dreaded two week wait: the time between conception and taking a home pregnancy test. Before you see two little lines or get a confirmation from your doctor or midwife, those 14 days can feel like an eternity! Here are 7 lesser-known early pregnancy symptoms that may […]

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Three Tutorials For Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

by Bunmion April 20,2014 in Family JourneyHealth and WellnessHolidaysJust For FunNatural Parenting Style


Happy Easter! Most of us who celebrate this holiday grew up hunting through bushes and our homes for decorated eggs. It was always so much fun to imagine the Easter bunny leaving goodies for us.

Now that we’re parents ourselves and know that the food coloring traditionally used to dye eggs isn’t the best option and we find ourselves at a crossroads.

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Five Pros And Cons To Having A Large Family

by Jillon April 17,2014 in Parenthood

Having a Large Family

    I’ve been thinking a lot about large family dynamics. With four naturally spaced kids, the age difference gets pretty spread out between the oldest and youngest. Even though two children is seen as average (in some places it is even looked down upon to have more than two), in my circle of friends, […]

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